During SDCC 2015, Gavin got to meet Alex Hirsch, the creator of one of his favorite TV shows – Gravity Falls.  Gavin loves to draw, and has a sketch pad that we made that is a replica of the mysterious journal from Gravity Falls.  In it are a bunch of drawings that Gavin has done of Gravity Falls characters.

Despite the fact that there was a huge line, Alex was super nice and not only shook Gavin’s hand but also looked through every one of the sketches.  Gavin then gave Alex a sketch of Question Baby as a gift and Alex responded by saying a line from the show in Question Baby’s voice.  We also got a super cool poster, autographed by Alex, as well as Kristen Schaal (the voice of Mabel), Matt Bralley (Director) and Rob Renxetti (Producer).  Gavin also gave Kristen a picture that he had drawn of Mabel, and SHE asked HIM for his autograph!

Thank you all SO very much!  This was one of the biggest highlights from Gavin’s 2015 SDCC!