Gavin and his dad traveled up to San Jose to attend Heroes & Villains Fan Fest November 20-22. We had a fantastic time! We got there on Friday afternoon, checked into our hotel and took a stroll around downtown San Jose. That evening while hanging out in the hotel lobby, we ran into Ra’s Al Ghoul / Malcom Merlin himself – John Barrowman! He was amazing of course, and we got a quick photo with him.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest John Barrowman

Saturday we spent the entire day at the convention.  They had a LOT of really fun things for kids to do – and they were all FREE!  Gavin’s favorite thing to do was the zip line ride, which he did about 15 times throughout the weekend.  They also had inflatable slides, this big slingshot ride that shot you up in the air and an airsoft firing range where you could shoot an automatic airsoft rifle!  That was a blast!

We paid to get a photo with actor Stephen Amell (Arrow) and if you know us, you know that we weren’t about to do your typical “say cheese” photo.  Nope.  Gavin was in his Flash costume, and you’ll only understand this if you watch the show.


We had also paid to get a photo with actress Hayley Atwell on Sunday, but sadly she canceled last minute.  But that wasn’t going to slow us down, we just took the money from her photo and moved it over to get one with actor Robbie Amell and actress Danielle Panabaker (both from The Flash).  Gavin was in heaven.



We also attended the “Fire & Ice” panel with Danielle Panabaker (Killer Frost) and Robbie Amell (Firestorm), which was very entertaining.  Amell wanted to make sure that everyone in the audience realized that his character was dead and that his wife (Panabaker) had very quickly moved on.  It was pretty hilarious.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Flash panel


Because we were there representing The Marvel Report, and The Flash Podcast, we had set up a Marvel group cosplay meetup as well as a DC meetup.  Those were well attended and we got some sweet cosplay photos at the meetups.  Thanks to everyone who attended!

On Sunday we again spent the whole day at the convention, but Gavin traded in his Flash outfit for his “Skinny Steve” Captain America outfit.  Sunday was also interview day.  Gavin got to interview our friend Lord Mesa about his unique artwork, as well as actor Neal McDonough.  Mr. McDonough could not have been nicer, this was his first convention and you could tell he was totally enjoying himself.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest Neal McDonough


You can see Gavin’s interview with Lord Mesa here and Gavin’s interview with Neal McDonough here.

In addition to the more expensive professional photo ops, some of the actors were also offering “selfies” at their booth as a lower priced option.  We got a booth photo with Neal McDonough (above) and also stopped by Caity Lotz’s booth to get a quick photo with her.  John Barrowman was not offering booth photos, but we did stop by his booth for an autographed photo.

Finally the convention came to a close Sunday evening.  We had some time to kill so we grabbed a burger at Johnny Rockets and came back to hang out in the hotel lobby.  All of the actors were getting ready to head back and we happened to run into Stephen Amell.  Gavin went over to him, told him how much fun we’d had over the weekend and shook his hand.  I’m sure the whole weekend was a total blur for him, but Amell of course was as nice as could be.

This was a fantastic con if you are fans of the actors who attended.  They were all very accessible, and getting photos and autographs was easy.  Getting into the panels was not difficult and if you wanted to just hang out on the side or in the back of the seating area, it was easy to just stand and watch the panels.

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest panel


Was HVFF at all like NYCC or SDCC?  Not even close.  But was it packed like sardines like those mammoth conventions?  Not at all.  The only lines that were long were the photo ops, but despite being long they moved very quickly.  The exhibit hall floor was spacious, they could have easily fit more vendors if they wanted to.  Walking around and shopping was a breeze.

We attended this con because it looked like a con where we could meet several of our favorite actors, talk to them, get photos with them and maybe an autograph or two.  It was exactly that.  Every single one of the actors were amazing in person.  Next time we’ll have to try for more interviews though.  😉

We are monitoring the NY and Chicago HVFF guest lists very closely and hope that we’ll have the chance to attend at least one of those.  NY has already announced several people from Gotham, which is VERY tempting.  A photo with Penguin (announced) and the Riddler (not yet announced) would be worth the trip.  I’m already looking around for a Batman costume for Gavin.

If they announce Grant Gustin as a guest, there’s no way we’re going to miss that.

And just in case you hadn’t seen it, here’s why.