Gavin is a 10 year old Super Hero / Artist / Actor located in San Diego, California.  At a very early age Gavin was hooked on super heroes.  He attended his first San Diego Comic Con at the age of two and has been falling deeper and deeper in love with super heroes, conventions, movies, shows, cartoons and cosplay ever since.  Spend a day with Gavin and you’ll quickly learn that just about the only thing he talks about are super heroes.10559654_10153434630314460_5620891348127362880_n

His parents, neither of which were into super heroes when he was born, have followed along on his journey.  Now the Richter family doesn’t miss a comic convention in Southern California.  All three of the Richters have their own collections, from Legos to statues and everything in between.

Another love of Gavin’s is drawing and coloring, also starting at a very young age.  He is constantly drawing super heroes and gets better all the time.

Thank you for checking out Gavin’s website, you can also find him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.